On the Landscape Architecture of Topotek 1

July 14, 2018
until September 23, 2018 

After Berlin, Munich and Bordeaux ‘Creative Infidelities’ presents a selection of realisations by the landscape architecture studio Topotek 1. The exhibition title makes reference to Jorge Louis Borges, whose observations on translation and interpretation have had a significant influence on Topotek 1’s approach. Borges understands mistranslations and fragmentary translations as a chance for displacement and regional transpositions: a situation enriching the original rather than diminishing it. Taking inspiration from this very concept, Topotek 1 deals with compositions, forms, and content in an open and liberating manner.

The exhibition itself can be seen as a response to Borges as well-Topotek 1’s work. It has been interpreted by Oliver Klimpel into a narrative interior landscape. The designer has developed a new immersive installation that is inspired by a selection of Topotek 1 projects – re-contextualising their different localities in new views and surprising combinations.